What a beautiful spring it has been!!! We hope it has been good to you too!!!

We’re still working on the website, our services page is coming together nicely but there is still a good bit of work get done on it. Our focus has been on making homes beautiful though so the website is “a slow going”… we do promise to get it all done one day ūüôā

This spring we’ve been on a number of projects both big &¬†small,¬†in addition to the thousands of square feet of flooring we layed we have also trimmed out an entire house doing all of the floors, doors & windows, we¬†installed a couple feature walls, some wood stair cases and tile shower surrounds.

Be sure to check out the gallery to see some of our work & contact us when you’re ready to start planning out your project. We can’t wait to help make your home beautiful!!!


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